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Cat (Caterpillar) 3408 Diesel Engine

Cat (Caterpillar) 3408

Young & Sons has been one of the top suppliers of rebuilt diesel engines since our doors opened more than 70 years ago. We offer a wide range of models from some of the best-known diesel engine companies including Cummins, Ford, Isuzu, John Deere, International, and Mercedes. Check out our inventory here.

All of these brands have a reputation for manufacturing high-quality engines, but many of our customers are looking for the dependability and longevity that’s consistently offered by Caterpillar diesel engines.

Why Buy a Caterpillar Engine?

It’s easy to see how many diesel engine enthusiasts can become loyal to just one brand – once they find an engine they like, why change to something else? Caterpillar is one of those companies that inspires this type of brand loyalty. With its highly-recognizable logo and long history, Caterpillar has developed a solid base of enthusiastic customers.

So why are Caterpillar engines so popular? There are a number of reasons:

  1. Strength When you use machines run by CAT diesel engines, you’ve got power on your side. No need to worry about whether you’re overworking the equipment – these engines have been specifically designed to power enormous pieces of machinery like ships, bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, compactors, drills, harvesters, pipe layers, and locomotives.
  2. Dependability – If you’re looking for an engine that will work when you need it to, then CAT engines might be the right choice for you. Caterpillar equipment has a long-standing reputation for being reliable. Day after day, these tough engines will keep at it with little risk of breakdown compared to other, less popular brands.   
  3. Versatility – Caterpillar engines are used in a broad range of industries – everything from mining, forestry, and agriculture to construction, defense, and transportation.
  4. Fuel-Efficiency – Considering the size of the machines they power, CAT engines are considered one of the most fuel-efficient industrial options available. By using a more fuel-efficient engine, you’ll be saving money in the long run on operation costs.
  5. Longevity – Not only do these engines deliver outstanding performance and dependability, they’re also built to last. That’s why it’s not unusual to find used and rebuilt Caterpillar engines on the market that haven’t been manufactured by the company in years.

Caterpillar 3408 Diesel Engine

One of the most popular discontinued Caterpillar engines is the 3408 model. A diesel internal combustion engine with eight cylinders and a turbocharger, the CAT 3408 is known for its speed, power, and reliability.diesel engines for sale

Caterpillar first started manufacturing the engine in the 1970s but ceased production around 1985. The CAT 3408 was primarily used in industrial and marine settings in vehicles such as heavy-duty haul trucks, scrapers, yachts, and ships. Though they were used for a time in OTR trucks, the extra weight of the engine made them a better fit for construction and marine operations.   

Time has done nothing but improve the reputation of the CAT 3408 engine. Even now, decades after Caterpillar stopped manufacturing new 3408 engines, this model is still in high demand. If you spend any time looking at listings for used or rebuilt diesel engines, you’ll find many people searching for the Caterpillar 3408. Its high performance and proven track record are hard to beat.

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At Young & Sons, we carry a wide array of diesel engine models. If you’re looking for a CAT 3408 or other high-quality diesel engine, just give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about the type of engine you’re looking for and find a match that best meets your needs. We can be reached by phone at 317-263-0960 or simply click the “Quick Quote” button found at the top of the page.

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