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Cummins Diesel Engines

Quality Cummins Diesel Engines

Young and Sons have been manufacturing and building high quality diesel engines all across the nation for the past 65 years. At our Indianapolis facility, our mechanics do all of the engine work in house. There is no need for a middleman, this family owned business keeps all of its work in one facility. The beauty of keeping our work all under one facility is when you buy a Cummins engine f rom us, you will be speaking to staff who are familiar with these engines and directly worked on them. This makes life easier for everyone involved.

With our vast amount of brand names, we more than likely have the engine that you are looking for. Our experienced staff of diesel mechanics create the best rebuilt diesel engines and rebuilt diesel engines on the market.

Our engine mechanics have continuous training to ensure they are up to date on all the changes in the engine industry. Our mechanics profusely work on CAT, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel engines, but we stock and build almost every other make of diesel engine on the market! If you are looking for a good quality engine with low miles, we have a large variety to choose from. All of our diesel engines and parts are tested by our mechanics to ensure they are of the highest quality and will provide the highest caliber of performance.

Cummins Diesel Engines Have Been Around for 86 Years

Cummins engines are found in almost every type of vehicle and equipment nationwide. From 18-wheelers, mining trucks to railways, Cummins Diesel Engines are there. Cummins engines are also found in a variety of water vehicles. Whether it is for leisure or work related, these reliable engines are there to boost performance.

Cummins engines power nearly every type of vehicle and equipment on earth.

– Agriculture
-18 Wheelers
– Construction
– Drilling
– Mining
– Defense
– Construction
– Power Generation
– Rail
– Full line of recreational and commercial Industrial Diesels
– Oil and Gas engine
– Off-Highway Engines
– Military

Cummins has you covered whether you are transporting cargo, providing supplies to oil rigs and/or fishing along the ocean, there is an engine option for you. Farmers use Cummins to power all their agricultural equipment. Tractors, sprayers, harvesters and much more are powered by Cummins. Miners use our engines for haul trucks and excavators and a vast majority of other mining equipment. The military also uses engineering equipment that is powered with speed and logistically dependable for operations all over the world. As stated, Cummins offers something for every industry worldwide.

Variety of Cummins Diesel Engines

If you are browsing our site and do not see the Cummins engine that you are interested in, do not worry, we do not post every engine on site. Feel free to give us a call and we can double check our inventory in a timely fashion. We also can build a custom diesel engine to your performance and needs. Learn more about our Cummins Diesel Engines For Sale.

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Cummins Diesel Engines For Sale Delivery Time

If you are looking to purchase at Cummins Diesel Engine, the time frame varies dependent on the engine you are choosing. We offer such a large variety of engines to choose from and also stock a lot of parts in our in house warehouse in Indianapolis. If we need to order parts, then this can delay the process slightly. Some engines can ship as quickly as a few days and others may take weeks. When we go over all of your needs, we will be able to let you know the time frame that you are looking for. The beauty of working with our team is there is no middle man. You will only be working with us, which streamlines the process from start to finish. If you ever have any questions on the diesel engine you are looking for or waiting on shipment for, please contact us.

We offer a variety of other engines for sale as well.

Other Engine Options:

John Deere

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Please fill out our quote form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible with your quote. Make sure to provide as much information as you can, so we can provide you with the most accurate quote. Call us directly at (317) 263-0960 for immediate assistance. We look forward to working with you.

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