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Cummins 4.5

Young and Sons is a family owned business for over 65 years. Located in Indianapolis, we keep all of our design and building of our Cummins Diesel Engines in house. If you ever have a question about any of our engines our staff is fully knowledgable about all of our Diesel Engines since we maintain all of our work in done at this facility.

Cummins 4.5 Engine Stats

The 4.5 is based on 5.9L architecture, similar to the Cummins 4BT. The diameter of this diesel engine is the same as the 4BT and the 6BT/ISB minus the stroke being longer in length. This engine was build for industrial applications.

The engine shares the same bore diameter as the 4BT (3.9L) and 6BT/ISB 5.9L. However, the QSB 4.5L features a much longer 5.39″ stroke, versus the 5.9L/3.9L’s 4.72″ stroke. The Diesel Engine was designed for industrial applications, though it has attracted some attention for engine swaps. In terms of its likelihood for a conversion, the largest downfalls are the electronic controls and relatively low availability.

The Cummins 4.5 Engine Specs:

– Inline 4 cylinder B series
– Displacement is 275 cubic inches
– High pressure common rail injection
– Holset Turbocharged
– Weight is approximately 745 lbs
– 110 – 173 horsepower
– Torque is 305 lb-ft

Cummins 4.5 Engine is Shorter

The beauty of the 4.5 is that it makes every piece of construction equipment work smarter, longer and quieter all around. This Diesel Engines shares technology with the rest of the B Series engines and overall has an great performance.

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Feel free to contact us at and one of our staff at Young and Son’s if you have any questions about the Cummins 4.5 Engine or any other engines. Please fill out the contact form for a free quote on any of our Cummins Diesel Engines. If you’d like to reach us directly, call us at (317) 263-0960.

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