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Detroit Series 60 14.0L

Young and Sons is a premium diesel engine provided in the Indianapolis. For the past 65 years, we have been building Diesel Engines such as Detroit, Caterpillar and Cummins. All of our work is done in our 60,000 square foot facility by our trained and experienced mechanics. One of our most popular Diesel Engines is the Detroit Diesel Engine series.

Functions of the Detroit Series 60 14.0L

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 is an inline-6 cylinder engine that was first manufactured in 1987. The engine then manufactured a larger stroke crankshaft which increased the volume to 14.0L. The overhead camshaft maximizes fuel injection pressure, fewer parts and servicing is easy. Short intake and exhaust ports maximizes performance and economy. The unit fuel injectors are manufactured for easy service and troubleshooting issues. The variable output turbocharger allows for better acceleration and improved engine braking performance.

This series 60 engines is electronically controlled by the proprietary Detroit Diesel Electronic Control (DDEC) system. The DDEC includes state-of-the-art electronics that is important for engine function. This system offers fire equipment features. These include pump and roll capability, pump pressure governing system and dual engine ratings.

Functions of the DDEC
– Automatic Stall Preventing
– Cruise Control Functions
– Engine Diagnostic Functions
– Fault History Record Keeping
– Progressive Shift Functions
– Speed Limiting
– Shutdown Times

The owner of these Diesel Engines can track a multitude of items. These items include tracking over speeding, excessive idle time, hard braking and other issues that could cause potential harm to the engine. This would allow the owner to monitor any abuse to the engine and follow the drivers productivity levels.

Features of the Detroit Series 60 14.0L

The series 60 offers better performance, reliability, operation costs are low, durability, high residual value, DDEC, flexible power ratings and excellent parts, while having a high driver satisfaction rate.

Specs of the Detroit Series 60 14.0L

– 6 Cylinders

– Length: 57 inches
– Width: 34 inches
– Height: 50 inches

– 858 cu in (14.0 literes)

Bore and stroke
– 5.12 in x 6.30 in

Compression ratio
– 17.25:1

Air System
– Turbocharged Air-to-Air

– 2640 (1199 kg) (dry)

– 490 – 515

Need More Information on the Detroit Series 60 14.0L

If you have any questions regarding the Detroit Series 60 14.0L or any other Detroit Diesel Engines for that matter, please feel free to contact us. If you fill out this contact form we will get back to you shortly. If you prefer please call us directly at (317) 263-0960 for all your engine needs.

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