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What is a Dynamometer?


A dynamometer, also known as a “dyno”, is a device used for measuring power and force generated by engines. A dynamometer measures the power produced by an engine and is calculated by a simultaneous measuring torque and RPM. In addition, it can test a variety of other things such as engine activity, calibration of engine management controls, and it can provide further investigation of combustion behaviors.
The water pressure in an engine dynamometer is what creates the resistance to the engine. The water flow is controlled through an inlet manifold and is directed to the center of the rotator in each section. Then, the water is expelled to the outer body of the dynamometer as it forces-out the water into places where it is decelerated.

Another component of this system is the data acquisition system. This component has two parts, the Commander and the Workstation. It collects the data, operates the precision load and throttle control system, and then sends it to the Commander to be processed and analyzed.  The Workstations success depends on its ability to measure the data correctly.

About the DT2000SG Dynamometer Test

The DT2000 dynamometer is used to test industrial diesel engines by using pressurized water to measure the power of your vehicle. This meter can quickly and easily be fitted to an engine that is mobile or on a fixed stand. This allows the user to achieve accurate and precise results from testing with minimal time required. The meter can attach to all standard engine types.

The engine must be removed from the vehicle in order to use the DT2000 dynamometer. This way it takes a direct and accurate measurement of the engine and the dynamometer test attaches easily to all engine types once removed.  The DT2000 dynamometer is one of the most sophisticated automated data acquisition control systems that exist in the market.

Young and Son’s has added more services to better serve our customers and their vehicles. Outside of the mechanical shop we now offer dynamometer testing. This testing is done to help ensure car owners that their vehicle is running up to speed. In addition, if you have recently rebuilt an engine and want to check to see how its running this test can provide you with data on your engine.

The purpose of the dynamometer data is to be able to tune your vehicle’s engine so it provides the smoothest most cost-effective ride. This test will help to find problems that are present before they turn into larger issues. Our staff can tune your engine for better drivability, fuel economy and power. In addition, our shop has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and many of our customers are long-term customers that we have had for several years.

Benefits of Using the Dynamometer Test:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Adaptability
  • Long Life Span
  • Compact
  • Accuracy

Why Should I Test my Engine’s Power?

It is important to keep up with testing your engine’s power to keep it running properly and up to speed. A dynamometer test is a valuable tool keeping your vehicle at maximum performance.  This computerized dynamometer provides an accurate description of your engines RPM, Torque, and horsepower (hp). The machine can measure a maximum power up to (800 bhp) and a maximum torque up to (2000 lb. ft.).

Reasons You Should Test Your Engine:

There are many reasons why it’s always a good idea to get your engine tested. Getting it tested could provide you for a smoother ride and more gas efficient. If you have any of the following issues you should highly consider getting a dynamometer test. The results of the test could help you diagnose and address issues with your vehicle that you are unaware of.

  • Troubled Starting
  • Gas Mileage
  • Engine Operation
  • Low power
  • Speed Surging

Dynamometer Model Specifications Include:

  • 5,000 rpm max. speed
  • 2,000 ft-lbs max. torque
  • 800 HP max. power

Have a New Engine Rebuild you Need to Test?

Bring it to our staff and they will test it right here on the property!! If you would like a quote or have existing questions about the Dynamometer test please fill out this contact form with as much information as possible and a staff member will get back with you shortly. Dynamometer Engine testing is extremely reliable and helps keep your engines running up to speed. If your engine isn’t running up to speed this test will evaluate your results and determine what there is to modify. We have over 65 years in the industry, we are knowledgeable and an experienced company to meet all of your diesel engine needs.

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