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Tips for Purchasing Diesel Engines

Young and Sons has been a premier Diesel Engine company in the Indianapolis area for the last 65 years. Our company has been a family owned and operated diesel company that started in a garage and now is operated in a 65,000 square foot facility. Our highly trained staff of diesel mechanics are experienced and knowledgable in all aspects of the diesel industry. With 25 employees, state of the art equipment, and customers around the world, we are your one stop shop for all of your Diesel Engine needs.

We understand when you are interested in purchasing a Diesel Engine this is a big decision and a lot of thought goes into it. You need to find the right company to purchase from, the perfect engine for all of your needs and the budget that you can afford. Our company builds quality rebuilt Diesel Engines for both industrial and highway applications. We offer Diesel Engines for all types of industries and vehicles.

Other Diesel Engine Options:

John Deere

The importance of purchasing the right engine is essential in this type of industry. Diesel Engines are variable because of the power and fuel efficiency. They are not only more and more environmentally friendly, but they also require low maintenance from the consumer. Will they be more popular than gas engines someday?

Here are a few tips to go over when considering purchasing a Diesel Engine.

Diesel Engines are equipped with a turbo-charger. This forces the air into the engine and increases performance. These engines are powerful and have clean air that enters the turbo-charger. Therefore it is important to take care of the engine and their parts. Air filters must be changed on time or you can damage the engine. Your equipment should have sensors that warn you about this. When the lights come on to change them, it is imperative to do so in a timely fashion or you could burn out the engine. They need to be changed more often then in gas vehicles.

Diesel Engines are less pure then gasoline and contains water. Most Diesel Engines are equipped with water/fuel separators.  You need to purge this water from time to time, but most mechanics will do so when your vehicle needs a tune up.

Check your Diesel Engines Oil. Make sure to check the oil level as it typically burns some of the engine’s lubricating oil during normal operation. It is important to check the oil between oil changes as well. Make sure when checking the oil, the engine has cooled for 30 minutes.

Diesel Engines have a break-in period. This usually lasts around 500 to 1000 miles. Try to limit your long highway trips during this time frame. Also, do not tow or haul during this time frame. Your engine will continually improve its power and efficiency for the next 30,000 miles.

Always review your owners manual. There are a lot of normal maintenance that as an owner you should keep in mind. The air and fuel filters levels need to be watched and changed at appropriate times. Also if you are going to leave your Diesel Engine in the below zero temperatures, remember to plug-in the block heater.

Our Diesel Engine Rebuild Process

At Young and Sons, we rebuilt CAT, Detroit, Ford, International, Mack, Cummins, Isuzu, John Deere, Perkins and Volvo. Our goal is to rebuild every Diesel Engine in our shop to run like new.

Here are the steps we follow to rebuild your Diesel Engine:

  • Tear down the core engine to the bare block
  • Heat the tank and boil the crank, block and all tin and cast parts
  • Clean all of these parts
  • Examine the diesel block for cracks or any other issues
  • Inspect and machine the upper and lower counter bores to renew cylinders
  • Resurface the Diesel Engines cylinder block
  • Line the bore block to standards and specifications
  • Tap boltholes and repair as needed
  • A complete rebuild is performed on the Diesel Engines fuel system and pump
  • Replacing the seals, gaskets and bearings the engine will get a huge boost to diesel performance


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Feel free to reach out to us for all of your Diesel Engine needs and questions. Please call us directly at (317) 263-0960. To receive a quote on any of our Diesel Engines, please fill out as much information as possible to ensure we send you accurate pricing. We look forward to working with you and all of your Diesel Engine needs.

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