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Volvo Diesel Engines For Sale

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Young and Sons has been family owned and operated for over 65 years. With our experience in the engine business, we can help you make the right choice on your next Volvo Diesel Engine. Not only have we been in business for 65 years but unlike many diesel engine brokers, you only have to work with us to get your next engine. We cut out the middle man making the process of choosing an engine easier and more affordable for you in the long run. Let us help you find your Volvo Diesel Engines For Sale.

Choose Volvo for your next diesel engine for sale. Volvo has a reputation of being an excellent choice for inline engines. Volvo started in 1927 and soon afterwards began to design and manufacture Diesel engines. In 2010, Volvo started using engines built and designed by Germany’s Deutz AG. They were one of the first companies to use turbodiesel engines successfully in commercial trucks. Volvo’s new engines offer exceptional fuel efficiently with great eco torque options. Our Volvo Diesel Engines For Sale are great for maximum power levels at an environmentally friendly cost.

Types Volvo Diesel Engines For Sale

Volvo D11
Volvo’s D11 diesel engine is a great choice for people needing a smaller and more fuel efficient engine. This engine is great because its lightweight design and relatability provide minimal operating costs. This engine puts out between 325-425 horsepower at 1250-1550 pounds of torque per feet. Collectively this engine has traveled billons of miles around the globe. The superb architecture of that keep the engines running mile after mile. This engine is best for jobs with less than truck load distributions.

Volvo D13
Volvo’s D13 diesel engine is the perfect balance between fuel economy and performance. The engine is the perfect all around engine and can be used for a variety of jobs. The D13 diesel engine offers and impressive 375-500 horsepower at 1450-1850 pounds of torque per square feet. This power and fuel efficiency is due to its three XE, six Ecoo-Torque and three Dual torque ratings. This engine is in use all around the globe and is continually relied upon for its solid design and low cost of maintenance. Due to the engines balance between power and efficiency the D13 is suitable for anything from long range hauls to local distribution.

Volvo D16
The D16 diesel engine is Volvo’s most powerful diesel engine they have to offer. This engine is trusted around the world to deliver maximum power and torque with heavy loads. Volvo’s D16 diesel engine offers an impressive 500-600 horsepower at 1650-2050 pounds of torque per feet. The D16 uses a heavy spec XE16 package capable of handling combinations weights up to 143,000 pounds. Like Volvo’s lightweight engine’s, the D16 is continually used and trusted around the world for its performance and reliability on the road. This engine is best used for the largest and heaviest payloads so if you need to move some heavy weight, use the D16. This engine is ideal for extreme conditions and heavy specialized hauling.

Volvo I-Shift Transmission
The I-Shift is Volvo’s newest engine that allows for better fuel economy that all previous engines. The designers at Volvo created this engine using intelligent electronics to check on grade, speed, weight and engine load to shift and maintain gears when necessary to conserve fuel. Regardless of experience, the I-Shift will help you save big on fuel. The I-Shift also allows drivers to focus more on the road and relive the burden of constantly changing gears. The engine also delivers an impressive 2,300 pounds of torque per feet which is just as powerful as Volvo’s manual diesel engines so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing power for fuel economy. Because the gears are monitored by the I-Shift technology, there are less issues with maintenance and your engine will have a longer life.

Other Diesel Engine Options:

John Deere

Delivery on our Volvo Diesel Engines For Sale

Because we have a wide variety of Volvo Diesel Engines for Sale and not every diesel engine is always stocked, the time frame for delivery can vary. If we need to restore or rebuild a diesel engine for you it can take more time. If we have the engine you are looking for in stock, we can ship your diesel engine out within days.

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Contact us for more information regarding your next Volvo Diesel Engine. We can help you decide on which engine is best for you. We also offer free quotes to anyone who is interested in purchasing an engine. All you need to do is fill out the contact form with as much information as possible so we can evaluate your needs and give you the most accurate price for your engine.

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