Are You on The Fence About Purchasing a Diesel Truck?

Have you thought about purchasing a diesel truck? Many people enjoy diesel trucks and tend to always purchase them. But what about the other people who have debated back and forth, which type of truck engine to purchase. There may be many stigmas about owning a diesel truck, but it’s our job to educate you on some of the reasons why purchasing a diesel truck can be beneficial.

Gas Mileage

Diesel trucks tend to give better gas mileage and will save you money in the long run. Even though diesel engine gas prices can be a little more expensive, it’s between 25% and 30% richer in energy. They also do not produce as much waste heat. It takes more gas to power an engine that it does diesel.

Longevity of your Diesel Engine

Did you know diesel engines last about three times longer than a gasoline engine? A diesel engine has less moving parts, which in the long run means it is easier to repair. You can purchase new or used parts for your diesel engine. If an average gasoline engine needs to be rebuilt after 125,000 miles, a diesel engine can last 350,000 plus.

Extreme Horsepower

Diesel engines offers more torque and maintains their power after accelerating. Unlike gasoline engines, which starts off faster, but the horsepower decreases. Diesel engines are better for carrying heavy loads as well. If you tend to haul items or use your truck for business, a diesel engine is a no brainer. A diesel truck will accelerate faster when carrying a heavy load too.

Quieter than the past

In the past, diesel engines were known to be loud, but many improvements have been made to the diesel trucks in the past few years. They are quieter and the ride is more refined as well. In the long run, some people have a hard time telling the difference between a diesel truck and a gasoline tuck when they are passing by.

More Reliable

The resale value of a diesel truck is usually always going to be higher if you have a gasoline and diesel engine with comparable mileage. Diesel engines tend to be more reliable and lasts longer, this is why many companies choose to purchase them for work vehicles. They also tend to be demand, so dealerships and private buyers are willing to purchase them and sometimes even pay a higher price for these trucks.

Better for Highway Driving

Diesel engines do not have to work hard during highway driving. This entails means the fuel economy is better than gasoline engines. This also helps when hauling large loads. If you put on a lot of highway miles, a diesel engine is worth a look.

Purchasing a diesel truck can be a big investment, but in the long run this may be a good idea if you are looking for an engine that will last. Diesel engines are reliable and offer more horsepower than gasoline engines. If you have any questions for us on our diesel engines for sale, feel free to reach out. With 65 years in the industry, we are sure to have an answer and also an engine for your needs.