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New Cummins 4BT

A New Cummins 4BT Company

For over 65 years, Young & Sons, Inc. has been building high quality Cummins engines and distributing them all over the world. Our team of skilled mechanics knows the ins and outs of each type of engine, including a Cummins engine. With the New Cummins 4BT engine becoming a hot commodity on the market, our diesel engine company stays current with the trends and has now added this model to our inventory of professionally built engines.

As a family owned company, we take pride in building only the finest engines around the Indianapolis area while giving exceptional customer service. Young & Sons knows what hard work is, as we started our company in 1945, working from the ground up to establish a well known business throughout the state of Indiana, as well as across the country and the world. Now, we own a 60,000 square foot facility that houses all of our business and daily engine building.

The New Cummins 4BT Built Engine

The New Cummins 4BT engine’s name comes from it’s 4 cylinder, B series diesel engine with a turbocharger. Completely built with starter wiring and three wires for the fuel shut off solenoid, this diesel engine relies on no electronic controls. The new 4BT can be used in several types of vehicles since it pairs with a variety of powertrain options. With up to a 420 pound feet of torque, this New Cummins engine can deliver between an impressive 40 and 170 base horsepower. Weighing at nearly 800 pounds, this powerful innovative engine can make your vehicle go the distance. The variety of vehicles ranges from delivery trucks to wood chippers due to the low amount of electronic conversion. The New Cummins 4BT can be easily swapped out in vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and jeeps.

New Cummins 4BT Specifications:

  • Cast iron cylinder head
  • Turbocharged
  • Cast iron engine block head
  • Direct injection via mechanical injection pump
  • Shorter length than Cummins 6BT engine
  • Measures in overall length of 30.6 inches
  • Measures in height of 37.7 inches
  • Non-intercooled engine
  • Affordable retail price
  • Reliable overland-type rig

As some of the longest and tallest diesel engines around, Cummins engines are a frontrunner as one of the most powerful and reliable engines on the market. Even with this larger scale of size, the new model of engine can easily fit into a Ford Mustang or a Jeep Wrangler.

A Reliable New 4BT Cummins Engine Company

Young & Sons, Inc. has established us as a dependable, well known name in the Indianapolis engine market, as well as creating business across the nation and the globe. Since 1945, we have provided only the best products and customer service and gained a network of loyal clients with our longstanding commitment and quality services. With decades of experience in building Cummins engines as well as several other makes and models, we operate with only the best and most state of the art equipment to build durable and reliable engines. Some examples of engines we have in stock or have built in the past are:

  • Caterpillar Diesel Engines
  • Cummins Diesel Engines
  • Detroit Diesel Engines
  • Ford Diesel Engines
  • Isuzu Diesel Engines
  • John Deer Diesel Engines
  • Mack Diesel Engines
  • Mercedes Diesel Engines

Our experienced and dependable team of highly trained diesel engine mechanics knows what it takes to build and assemble a New Cummins 4BT engine to the highest standards in the industry. Our company has an extensive list of jobs and engines built for clients all over the region, country, and world. We can ship our engines to any corner of the globe, in a very quick and efficient amount of time. If you would like a custom built engine, we are always willing to work with you to determine the best type of engine that will suit your vehicle or machinery. We can rebuild an existing engine or build a completely new model from the ground up. Our huge facility contains a surplus of engines to choose from, but we are always ready to take on a job to build you the engine of your dreams.

Why Choose Us For Your New Cummins 4BT Engine?

Our company has not only been in business for almost 70 years, but we have an outstanding and impressive resume of engine building for customers all over the world. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are also certified ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) mechanics. We are also a member of the AERA Engine Builders Association. You can easily find an array of positive reviews from our customers online as we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service year after year. For Young & Sons, there is no engine to big or small that we can build and no distance too far to ship our diesel engines.

Contact Our New Cummins 4BT Company

If you are looking for a newly built engine or just a rebuilt older engine, we are the company to choose. With our New Cummins 4BT in stock and ready for use, we are the business to call for the most up to date and top of the line engines. Contact one of our engine mechanics today to learn more about what Young & Sons, Inc. can do for you!

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